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Sunny Sunday on the balcony

Spring is coming, not with big steps, but it is coming. First birds singing in the trees, that sounds so wonderful and it is a perfect mixture with the sound of massive attack or other smooth sound!

I enjoy today the second Sunday in t-shirt and shorts on my balcony.

Make my soul feeling good, if I feel such warmness and sunshine on body.

Make me feel happy and satisfied. I no longer need cold, for me I no need winter.

So relaxing and resting for the first weeks of March.

Winter here at my place is mostly grey, foggy and cloudy. Seldom see the sun during winter time and it isn't a real winter with snow and really cold. If I remember to my childhood at my parents home we had big pile of snow around the house! And snow seldom melts away at the same day. We can go for many days sledding down the small hill around my hometown. The lake in my hometown was frozen, so you could took your ice skates and played hockey on the lake. But during the last year all be come more and more warm, and so it is a nice part of history! but this conditions make depressive and often not positive mood.

I like winter, but then please with a lot of snow and really cold and stable weather. But here it isn't any longer real winter, it is more a never ending grey, foggy autumn time.

Thats why I can't wait for spring and summer.

When I will go for retired and will become pensioner, I will move to a place with no winter and no cold weather. I already have a few ideas about what country I want to spend my retired life.If there is maybe 1 month colder weather it will be ok, but without strong and cold winter.

When it become warm outside my balcony become to another room of my apartment. An open air room with the view to a nice green garden. Cant wait to plant the first flowers here. See the attached pics below.

A few views from my relaxing "summer room"

Last year on my balcony, beautiful flowers

My balcony a few years ago, with orange and lime trees! Unfortunately they never survived winter.

Last year on my balcony

Last year on my balcony

Last year on my balcony

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