• Joachim "Blacky" Schwarz

Special evening at the Lake Constance on January 05

During roughly 1,5 hours the color of the sky change to so many different colors!

I was ready to go home, because before the sunset before not impressed me so much.

But then the sky become more and more blue and purple color! I said ok lets wait a bit and see what comes.

The sky changed from boring uninteresting sky to a breathless color colorchanging piece of art.

I use my battery till the last drop of energy. Unfortunately it stop too quickly, if forget to change the battery at home and so I need to finished with my mobile phone.

At such evenings the Lake Constance is a magical place, with breathtaking moments.

Photos made with my Canon EOS 6D Mark2 in manual mode and they not much overworked!

I always try to give the moment duration

Such evenings really seldom and so I am always happy to catch that moments with my lens.

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